Play Best Halloween Games

Halloween is much more than just trick-or-treating. Their are many activities to enjoy on Halloween music, video games and board games and a costume contest.

Freakishly Fun Halloween Party Games

Apple Bobbing 



You will need:

  • large bowl or bucket
  • large towel or plastic sheet
  • apples
  • towels for drying off

Apple bobbing, also known as bobbing for apples, is a game often played on Halloween.No Halloween party is complete without this classic game.The game is played by filling a tub or a large basin with cold water and place your towel or sheet under and putting apples in the water. Because apples are less dense than water, they will float at the surface. Put about 4-6 apples in the water and let each child have a turn at getting as many apples as possible using teeth. Note:Use of arms is not allowed, and often are tied behind the back to prevent cheating.

Pass the pumpkin

DSC01611 (1)

 You will need:

  • Music
  • a hollowed-out pumpkin
  • goodies to fill the pumpkin

Seat the kids on the floor in a circle. Give them a small pumpkin to pass around. Play Halloween party music as they pass the pumpkin, and periodically stop the music. Whoever is holding the pumpkin select a goody from inside and is out. The game continues until one person is left with the pumpkin.

What’s the time, Mrs Witch?


 You will need:

  • A witch’s hat and broom
  • A spacious room

This game is a slight variation of the ‘What’s the time, Mr Fox’ game. Just elect one player to be Mrs Witch. Players would put on the witch’s hat and hold the broom. Each of the other players stands at one end of the room with the witch at the other, with her back to the other players. The players ask the witch: ‘What’s the time, Mrs Witch?’ and the Witch shouts out a time, eg. 8 o’clock. The other players take the corresponding number of steps in the direction to the witch. Now when the players get close to the witch the witch can then should out ‘midnight’ and chase the other players. Whoever the witch catches is out of the game 🙂

Mummy Wrap


 You will need:

  • toilet paper
  • decorations of choice (like markers, hats, boots etc)

This is the best hilarious game to get you into the mood for Halloween. You need to divide your party-goers into teams of two, and give each a roll of toilet paper.At the sound of the music, one team member must wrap  your friend up in toilet paper from head to toe.The teams have only 10 minutes to wrap the team member into mummy. Once completely wrapped, the “mummy” must run to cross the finish line before the others.


You Will need:

  • 12 ping-pong balls
  • permanent markers

Using permanent markers, draw pupils ,irises and bloodshot veins on the 12 ping-pong balls. 1. Divide players into 2 teams. 2. The object of the game is to race around a specific course with a hand-full of least six ‘eye-balls’. 3. When the first players reach the end of the course, he/she hands the ‘eye-balls’ to the next player. Dropped balls must be picked-up before the exchange of balls. The first team to complete the course wins. (Children as young as 5 should be able to play this; if youth are older, consider adding more balls.

Guess the ghost


 You will need:

  • a blindfold

Sit the kids in a big circle. Put some music on and take it in turns for one child to be blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching the other children’s heads. When the music stops, the child that the person who is ‘it’ has their hands on must let out a ghostly wail. The person who is ‘it’ must try and guess who it is. If they guess correctly they swap around. If they do not guess correctly they go around the circle again.

Some of the best places to play Halloween Video Games:


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